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shb80's Journal

9 May 1980
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Well to start I'm 28 I live in Tewksbury,MA I like to do all kinds of stuff. I'm also an Auxiliary Police Lieutenant.

I got this livejournal so I can vent my frustrations and excitements out loud.


$1 drafts, benny the dog, big ups to brooklyn, bobby, britney spears, bukakke, car wrecks, colonic art, cop stuff, corndog!!, crabs, donkeys, gadgets, ghonnerea, gino, girls, goat cheese, guido, guns, herpes, hockey helmets, huffing, hustlin, is life a dream?, johnny, little school buses, llamas, lowenbrau, mexican glue kids, mexico city glue kids, moo!!, moo!!!, mountain biking, movies, mp3s, music, my truck, my ultimullet!!, nickel whores, ostrich farming, porn on polaroids!!, ralphie, shopping, small soft buttplug, sneerin, snow, teenage viet-cong prostitutes, the clap, three legged donkey racing, timmay!!!!!!, tony, toy's for my truck, umm...., wheelchair basketball, wheres your car dude?, your mom